Friday, 30 August 2013

2D Ball Drop (Bounce)

First of the bunch... as I mentioned before, I thought it would definitely be a good idea to go back through and re animate the work that I did at Uni, I have listed the main Initial ones we were assigned and well then... just animate them..  ha :)

Edit: The hinges are a bit rusty but all this practice will surely oil them up!

It was kind of daunting at first after being out of it for so long but here is what I came up with :)

Time taken about 15-20 Minutes

-2D Straight Drop Ball Bounce
-2D Across Screen Ball Bounce
-3D Down Object/Stairs Ball Bounce
-Dice Fall

Think these were the Initial 5 we did (excluding the obvious Ease in/Ease out/Constant principles), as well as 12 ball bounces that we did to recap on the final year.

Anyway really want to work through the core principles before I move back on to the intermediate/advanced work. I think a lot of the time simplicity and structure is so much more powerful than Epic and complicated.

There's a thought for the day anyway!!

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